Cnf Building

Trish and Jim Gruber, the proprietors of Chestertown Natural Foods, have filled a very important niche on the Eastern Shore by creating a store that offers organic, all natural, healthy food and products to the community.

Trish, like millions of people world-wide, suffered from food allergies. In fact, these sensitivities made it virtually impossible for her to shop at typical grocery stores, as nearly every product ingredient label displayed a vast array of preservatives, additives and chemicals. These “extras” not only impact the nutritional value of the food, but also pose a significant health risk to those with and without health and allergy concerns.

Living in Chestertown, the nearest health food store was an hours drive away, and Trish was determined to find a  a viable alternative. In 1989, she organized a natural-foods buying club which led to the opening of Chestertown Natural Foods in June of 1993. Today, Chestertown Natural Foods has a staff of 10 in our 2,300+ square foot facility at 303 Cannon Street, in Chestertown. 

Every day we open our doors it is to continue the legacy that Trish began so many years ago.

Our mission is to “meet you where you are” on your journey to living and eating healthily through the use of organic, all-natural, foods and products. Whether you are starting by adding healthier snacks to your diet or you’ve made the commitment to be 100% additive, chemical, and preservative free, we are here to help.

“Our staff will help you find the tools you seek to create wellness, and we will do it with honesty and integrity,” said Trish.

We thank you for electing to lead an improved lifestyle, and we’re glad you’ve chosen to do so with us!

Your wellness journey begins now… with Chestertown Natural Foods!  


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