We're a full service grocery, offering the widest selection of produce on the Upper Eastern Shore of Maryland. On a special diet? No problem, our staff of nutritional experts are happy to consult with you and make recommendations that meet your needs.



Shop our fully stocked produce department. Most fruits and vegetables are 100% organic with seasonal selections of organic, local produce

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Organic and local grass fed A2A2 milk, organic, natural and imported cheeses. Local pastured raisa and soy-free eggs available.

Griiled salmon fillets, fish steaks on wooden board with thyme. Dark background. Top view.

Meat, Fish & Poultry

We have a selection of organic, grass fed and all natural poultry and meat, as well as frozen, sustainable, wild caught seafood.

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Health & Beauty

We offer a wide range of organic health and beauty products as well as sunscreens and insect repellents.

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Bulk Foods

We have a wide selection of prebagged, organic, natural bulk grains, beans, rice, nuts, dried fruits and snacks.

Reusable shopping textile bags full of organic spring vegetables from local farmers market. Top view. Sustainable zero waste lifestyle concept. Healthy food selection: mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, avocados, and herbs


Fresh, organic vegetables – tomatoes, potatoes, carrots and cabbages and more! Also, seasonally available organic potted vegetables and herb plants ready for your garden.



We have a full line of most grocery items you need including canned and dry goods, a selection of ethnic foods, organic beer and wines, snacks and much more.

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Spices & Fermented Foods

A wide selection of bottled spices await you for culinary needs. Fermented foods including organic, local varieties can be found in the refrigerator produce section. Also check out our Kombuchas.

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